Walleye anglers strike gold
    Sandy's Marina's live bait buyers are cashing in on the walleye all over the lake and river below the dam. The boaters are locating fish with their electronics and throwing jigs tipped with Sandy's minnows, crawlers, or leeches. The shoreline anglers are also cashing in buy using slip bobber rigs with leeches or crawlers casting out far and setting their slip bobbers at about 12 feet. You need to have some patience and faith...The fish are ready!!!!!!
This story is should highlight the quality of fishing out of Sandy's marina and begins like this...........
It was a fine day in June....about 75 degrees and partly sunny.....this author had taken Robyn and
Guy Ritondales son Ryan and his friend out to catch some smallmouth bass using Sandy's leeches.
Myself and the boys in one boat and Guy and Robyn in the other. Both boats were catching allot of
bass using minnows and leeches. The one thing that happens to everyone out there is that your hook
can end up in a tree on shore where you are casting. This day was no exception. Robyn had casted up
by the shoreline and got hung-up on a tree.( like all of us do). The boys and I saw Guy slowly driving
the boat closer to shore to retrieve the hook. As Robyn leaned out to pulled the hook of the tree a
small wave pushed the boat away from shore causing Robyn to be "one with the fishes"...overboard....
in the cool waters of Belleville lake. We saw it clearly from our boat about 30 yards away..................
I looked over at the boys and said "and....moms in the water" I think we are done fishing for the day.....
the boys with a smirk and a giggle said..."OH YEA WE ARE DONE".....Then it happened.....Robyn
struggling back into the boat did not even dry off......leaned over.....picked up her rod......and resumed
fishing.......it was that day we all realized how good the fishing in Belleville lake was. Below is the fish
She caught 20 minutes later.
The history of Sandy's Marina
The weather was rotten. Winds were gusting up to 35 MPH and the fish just would not bite. Tony and Litha Mason, were fishing on a trip with the author when we noticed the Graf was full of fish. We anchored and dropped some minnows and crawlers down to the fish but to our surprise they would not bite. We were on a school of white bass (a huge school ). So I suggested we get out of the wind and see if calmer waters would help. Tony asked me "where is a good spot that is out of the wind". I replied...... how about there ( pointing at his boat slip ). So we pulled into his slip and tied up. Litha dropped her line and caught a smallmouth bass about 10 inches long. Then she dropped a Sandy's Marina minnow down and something latched on to it and started stripping line out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
ahhhh the sweet sound of a properly set drag system. Litha battled this fish with all she had making sure it did not get into the motor's prop. Finally....about 7 minutes later she brought it to the surface and we netted it. A 7 pound catfish and a story to go with it.
We all had a good
time and plan on 
going out again in
calmer conditions.
Bottom line is to not
give up and keep
trying. You will get
your fish if you have
a little patients. Stop
buy Sandy's and pick
up some fresh bait.
head on out to the 
lake and look for fish
on your electronics.
Good luck, and don't 
forget e-mail us your
story at [email protected]
"Right place......Right time.............
Dave W. (Pictured to the right of this article) Was out
checking the marina for a possible slip for his boat when a 
complete stranger walks up and offers him a guided tour of
the lake to show him where the walleye were hiding. The
stranger took him to an area known as the power lines. They
fished for about 1 hour and hit their limit of ten walleye.
Now that they had their limit they figured why not have some
fun and catch some more. They went back out for an hour and
picked up another ten. They let the second ten go free.
The bait used was Sandy's crawlers and crawler harnesses.
They were trolling as slow as possible and using bottom bouncers. The day after a large storm came through with
4 inches of rain. The rain clouded up the water and the storm frightened the fish. Dave's timing could not have been better.
The author of this article fished for 3 days before the storm and caught 87 walleye.............the next  3 days only gave up 3.
The sun came and the water was mud. Keep an eye out for
clearer water and cloudy days and you could limit too.